Exploring Bloor, katherinepedia-style

WARNING: Wrote this in the fall. Still relevant. Enjoy. Bloor has to be one of the most eclectic streets in Toronto. You go from hippie paradise to old school collegiate (ha) to playground of the wealthy to glass-panelled jungle. Yesterday, deciding that the first day of bitter cold this fall was the perfect opportunity to … Continue reading

How to Grieve, katherinepedia-style

There are lots of things to grieve over in this world: famine, war, economic decline, poor fashion choices. More personally, I’m grieving over my GPA (RIP 3.5), my previous mile time, my overall health, my missing wallet, and the death of my grandpa. I thought other people might be grieving about things right now as … Continue reading

Screw You, Taylor Swift

I am not a very romantic person. Fluffy notions and ordering for each other in restaurants and standing out in the rain don’t really do it for me. I’m more of a “hey I need a date for this event and you’re fairly good looking” kind of gal, or even “I’m at this party alone … Continue reading

Why Canadian Studies is Awesome

There is something that I love more than puns, literary devices, hot beverages, and doing my nails, and that, mes amis, is Canada. I am a diehard Canadian patriot. If you have ever met you would be well aware of this. It has been mentioned before on this very blog! In spirit of this, and … Continue reading

Hipsters Don’t Wear Hollister

If you are one of the individuals who has stumbled on this publication, like so many have, by googling “do hipsters wear hollister“, then allow me to clarify, once and for all, as a completely unbiased (okay completely biased) third party – THEY DO NOT. UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. WEAR HOLLISTER. If it wears obnoxious glasses, … Continue reading

7 Signs of Stressed Out Students

Ah, here we are again, Stress, my old frenemy. Gosh, it’s been a while! A whole month, I’d say, since my last marathon of self-loathing that is assignment abundance. How’ve you been? You seen well rested, and, oh my, have you gained weight? I don’t know, you just seem more . . . prominent than … Continue reading

“Everything is better with free booze” and other true sayings

It’s been a very busy second semester! More on that later. Tons of class, tons of socializing, which, lucky for you, means plenty of new material from not just Athena, but many of my other pals, including Stephenie, Umair, Bahar, Timmi, and some random girl in my Canadian Studies class. Heck, there are even some … Continue reading

“Success is the best slap in the face” and other paraphrases

As mentioned, my pal Athena has an inexplicable way with words. If you haven’t already seen it, Hipsters Don’t Wear Hollister will explain it all. Here are some more of her witticisms, delivered precisely at a time when they were most required (more on that later) The Contingency Plan “Heck, I get Cs all the … Continue reading

Everyday Things . . . I’m Appreciative Of

Ah, the everyday, the usual, the habitual. All things that we, as a culture, are told are undesirable. But why, exactly? Because it isn’t the movie, action packed, adventure filled lives we’ve been sold? The hero never saves the day by staying in the routine. God forbid he be happy with what he has. The … Continue reading