5 Things to do With Matcha

Ode to Matcha You make my heart sing out, tinting my world bright green. You are so quick and simple to make (no steeping required !), and with 137 times the amount of ECGC of normal green tea, and your antioxidant dense complex that makes spinach pale in comparison, not to mention your stress relieving … Continue reading

Some Ponderings on . . . Why I’m Single

**What follows is a sample of my internal monologue whilst speaking with an attractive member of the opposite sex. Reader discretion is advised for extreme awkwardness.** Okay, okay. Play it cool. No big deal. You’ve got this. Oh shit – Hey. Ohymgodheistalkingtome. WhatdoIdo. Ishouldnothavehadcaffeinethismorningshitshitshit. Hey how are you! It’s pretty hot out there, eh! OHMYGOD. … Continue reading

Dear Starbucks, or my Relationship with Coffee

Dear Starbucks, Wow. I’m not sure how to say this. I feel like we’ve been dancing around each other for so long. When we first met, you were addicting: warm, sweet, with your clever and attractive packaging. You filled me up inside with a heat, a feeling of boundless energy and limitless possibilities. It was … Continue reading