Hipsters Don’t Wear Hollister

If you are one of the individuals who has stumbled on this publication, like so many have, by googling “do hipsters wear hollister“, then allow me to clarify, once and for all, as a completely unbiased (okay completely biased) third party – THEY DO NOT. UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. WEAR HOLLISTER. If it wears obnoxious glasses, … Continue reading

7 Signs of Stressed Out Students

Ah, here we are again, Stress, my old frenemy. Gosh, it’s been a while! A whole month, I’d say, since my last marathon of self-loathing that is assignment abundance. How’ve you been? You seen well rested, and, oh my, have you gained weight? I don’t know, you just seem more . . . prominent than … Continue reading

How to Write an Essay, katherinepedia-style

Salutations, all. I’ve just stumbled out of an essay, Starbucks, and Canadiana induced haze to find my room a mess, my eating and exercise habits shot, my personal hygiene let go, and my blog woefully left untended. I’m terribly sorry, hazards of being a university student and all. In light of these recent events, as … Continue reading