Shit My Grandpa Says

Some Words of Wisdom from my Grandfather My grandpa talks. A lot. I think part of it is he’s hard of hearing so he may just be testing his faculties, but most of it is probably just because he has something to say. About everything. For some background, the man likes green (especially hats), swimming, … Continue reading

“Wanna hear something interesting?” and other katherine-isms.

My comrades at school have pointed out to me that there are many things that I say that are quite identifiable in my speech patterns. They suggested I make a soundboard (heck, maybe for the future, even available in the app store). Until then, I have compiled a list of them here, so that you … Continue reading

“Everything is better with free booze” and other true sayings

It’s been a very busy second semester! More on that later. Tons of class, tons of socializing, which, lucky for you, means plenty of new material from not just Athena, but many of my other pals, including Stephenie, Umair, Bahar, Timmi, and some random girl in my Canadian Studies class. Heck, there are even some … Continue reading