Some Ponderings . . . On Glasses

I’m just torturing myself. Again. My eyes keep darting upward, praying that you don’t notice but secretly hoping that you do. [My god, English is an inconsistent language. Sorry, tangent. This was a lot easier back when I actually wrote in my diary.] Alright, time to control my field of vision and take off the … Continue reading

Some Ponderings . . . on Relationships, in Haiku Form

She thinks to herself What a perfect waste of a Tube of red lipstick Boys will never car6 What all girls put themselves through In hopes of a kiss Girls will never know What all boys hope they will do In order to feel No one wants to feel Like they have wasted their love … Continue reading

Some Ponderings . . . About Sleep

Sleep at Sea.   I’m tired of vague notions; They change as often as the tide. Thoughts keep swimming ‘round my head. Some get sucked back out to sea, Others left to dry.   I’m not sure what I’m s’pposed to say Or if what I say is right Does it matter, anyway, if I … Continue reading