“Everything is better with free booze” and other true sayings

It’s been a very busy second semester! More on that later. Tons of class, tons of socializing, which, lucky for you, means plenty of new material from not just Athena, but many of my other pals, including Stephenie, Umair, Bahar, Timmi, and some random girl in my Canadian Studies class. Heck, there are even some … Continue reading

“Success is the best slap in the face” and other paraphrases

As mentioned, my pal Athena has an inexplicable way with words. If you haven’t already seen it, Hipsters Don’t Wear Hollister will explain it all. Here are some more of her witticisms, delivered precisely at a time when they were most required (more on that later) The Contingency Plan “Heck, I get Cs all the … Continue reading

“Hipsters Don’t Wear Hollister,” and other one-liners from the goddess of wisdom herself.

My friend Athena is the character in TV shows and movies that everyone adores. She is the Barney Stinson of Rowell Jackman (my residence) in that she is everyone’s favourite character (not that she is a womanizer that wears a lot of suits. Though she is awesome.) She says the greatest things that have a … Continue reading