Shit My Grandpa Says

Some Words of Wisdom from my Grandfather My grandpa talks. A lot. I think part of it is he’s hard of hearing so he may just be testing his faculties, but most of it is probably just because he has something to say. About everything. For some background, the man likes green (especially hats), swimming, … Continue reading

’Twas the night before Christmas, Hipster Version.

’Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the region, The hipsters were downing their beers at the Legion. “I feel kind of lonely,” said Tyler to Steve. “Is this even ironic – alone Christmas Eve?” “Listen to you, man, you sound like a child. Let’s step out and spark up one more Belmont Mild.” … Continue reading

O Christmas Tree: Ten trees to celebrate – The Globe and Mail

A bit late for my fellow UofT-goers, but if you happen to be in Toronto in the near future, this could add a little merry and bright to your trip to Hogtown. O Christmas Tree: Ten trees to celebrate – The Globe and Mail. Also, check out MY christmas tree, in Picture of the Day. … Continue reading