Exploring Bloor, katherinepedia-style

WARNING: Wrote this in the fall. Still relevant. Enjoy. Bloor has to be one of the most eclectic streets in Toronto. You go from hippie paradise to old school collegiate (ha) to playground of the wealthy to glass-panelled jungle. Yesterday, deciding that the first day of bitter cold this fall was the perfect opportunity to … Continue reading

Summer Skincare on the Cheap

Not to brag, but I have pretty great skin. Genetics have been good to me that way: good skin, crazy family, so I guess it balances out. Because of my perfect pores, I often have friends, and sometimes complete strangers, asking me what my secret is. Truthfully, there is no real “secret” to good skin. … Continue reading

Sick at School

Sick at School Salutations, all. I am writing this from my bed currently because, you guessed it, I’m sick.  I am a walking biological weapon and as such, my doctor has ordered me to stay in bed, “resting”.  Ha. I see he does not know me very well. Being sick sucks generally, but being sick … Continue reading

5 Things to do With Matcha

Ode to Matcha You make my heart sing out, tinting my world bright green. You are so quick and simple to make (no steeping required !), and with 137 times the amount of ECGC of normal green tea, and your antioxidant dense complex that makes spinach pale in comparison, not to mention your stress relieving … Continue reading

Procrastination 2.0

AKA, The Master Class I’m baaaccckkkk, Toronto! It’s a new school year, and a lot has changed in that time, not only in terms of the classes I’m taking (Modern Espionage, FTW) but in what the internet has to offer me. Even without essays to write, I have made ample excuses for trolling the internet, … Continue reading

How to Not Look Hungover

Me and vodka have a love-hate relationship, of sorts. More accurately, actually, I just have an extremely low alcohol tolerance, that when coupled with my inability to process sugar correctly, leads to some rather unfortunate incidences. Some are rather hilarious, but most are just horrible hangovers the next morning, more than one of which has … Continue reading

Some Ponderings on . . . Why I’m Single

**What follows is a sample of my internal monologue whilst speaking with an attractive member of the opposite sex. Reader discretion is advised for extreme awkwardness.** Okay, okay. Play it cool. No big deal. You’ve got this. Oh shit – Hey. Ohymgodheistalkingtome. WhatdoIdo. Ishouldnothavehadcaffeinethismorningshitshitshit. Hey how are you! It’s pretty hot out there, eh! OHMYGOD. … Continue reading

Shit My Grandpa Says

Some Words of Wisdom from my Grandfather My grandpa talks. A lot. I think part of it is he’s hard of hearing so he may just be testing his faculties, but most of it is probably just because he has something to say. About everything. For some background, the man likes green (especially hats), swimming, … Continue reading

The Art of the Staycation

Summer is a wondrous time of year, but as a child, one does not often realize how much summer fun is a contingent of not being employable. Fast forward ten years, and all of a sudden summer has turned into a preview of the rest of your life: working for a paycheck. That hit me … Continue reading

Hipsters Don’t Wear Hollister

If you are one of the individuals who has stumbled on this publication, like so many have, by googling “do hipsters wear hollister“, then allow me to clarify, once and for all, as a completely unbiased (okay completely biased) third party – THEY DO NOT. UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. WEAR HOLLISTER. If it wears obnoxious glasses, … Continue reading