katherinepedia was born one day when it was pointed out how much I talk, and how it could be shared with multitudes of people with similar interests in history, shopping, sarcasm, and literary devices in everyday life.

I start most of my sentences in conversation with, “Wanna hear something interesting?” Well, the tagline for this blog will now be, “Wanna read something interesting?”
So, do you? I think you do!

Please leave me comments, suggestions, things you’d like to see up, and I will do my best.

Bonne chance, mes amis.

4 Responses to “About”
  1. Josh Rachlis says:

    Your passion for life and eagerness to learn remind me of, well, me. Perhaps we can collaborate on a blog post some time. I’d love to be an annotation in The Katherinepedia.

    • You have my attention, my good sir! Sorry about the late reply, also! Loved your mascara test video, BTW

      • Josh Rachlis says:

        Thanks! I will go to any lengths to help the women of the world feel more beautiful. (To any lengths… Get it? Cuz mascara makes your lashes longer?). Feel free to befriend me on Facebook. That’s where I mostly hang out and post. And now, since I can barely remember what I did this morning, never mind 6 weeks ago, I have to try to remember how it was that I came across your site on January 31st. Maybe you were in the media somewhere? Perhaps you had a post going viral? Argh – I need to start taking ginko bilboa.

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