Christmas Songs for the rest of us

I don’t know about you guys, but after the third time of my mother insisting on having the soundtrack compilation of every claymation Christmas movie ever on in the background, I’m pretty ready for the new year to come and just skip over everything else. A few years ago, I took matters into my own hands and made, what my mother dubs, a hipster douchy Christmas playlist. I prefer “Indie-mas”. Huh. Maybe my mom actually has a point, but NO MATTER. Below are my 5 fav non-trad Christmas songs to get you through the holidays when “Holly, Jolly Christmas” is making you want to bury yourself in the snow until spring.


1. Neon Trees, “Wish List”

2. Los Campesinos!. “A Doe to a Deer”

3. Hey Rosetta! “Carry Me Home”

4. Slow Club, “Christmas TV”

5. A Rocket to the Moon, “I Believe in Us (This Holiday)”


There is a lot of longing, lost love, and holiday tropes included here. Have fun, and Merry Christmas, my fellow holiday alternativisits!

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