Why I Should Be on Murdoch Mysteries

Why I should be on Murdoch Mysteries

**Sidenote: If you don’t already watch Murdoch Mysteries, GO. GO WATCH IT NOW. Set in 1890s Toronto, it’s a crime drama, very Sherlock-esque for all you fangirls suffering withdrawals who haven’t been able to get into Elementary (it’s okay; I couldn’t either). So much fun. Canadians are quite funny (Case in point: me).


Let’s list the reasons, shall we?

1) I live in Toronto

UofT, in all its castle-like glory.

UofT, in all its castle-like glory.

I live in Toronto, it’s set in Toronto, albeit over 100 years ago, but the general gist of the rest of the country hating it is already there! I CAN TOTALLY PLAY THIS. Plus, I’m around for filming purposes!

2) I look good in period costume

This image speaks for itself. Me and my grammas.

This image speaks for itself. Me and my grammas.

Although this particular costume is meant to mimic the 1830s, I’m fairly certain I’d have no trouble pulling off 1890s haute Canadian fashion. I mean, tied one corset, worn six petticoats, done it all, am I right?

3) I’ve met Helene Joy (aka, Dr Ogden on the show)

Our hair colours match.

That should give me an in right there! We look so good together! … Well, she looks good. I was having a weird hair moment and grinning like an idiot, which I promise would not happen on set. She was so lovely and tolerant of my fangirling. Plus, excellent in Speaking in Tongues.

4) I’ve met Yannick Bisson

Eyebrow aficionados.

Eyebrow aficionados.

We are so in sync! We look so good together! I . . . I can’t even begin. I think I must have scared the bejesus out of him. I still can’t believe I got to meet him.
Him: Hi, I’m Yannick.
Me: (squeak) I’m Katie.
Him: … Are you okay?
Me: (squeak) No.
Ah, good times.
HERE’S AN IDEA: I could play Detective Murdoch and Doctor Ogden’s future child! BRILLIANT. See above photos for evidence that this has to happen. OR another Ogden sister! I mean, I’m blonde!

5) I can act!
. . . Sort of. Like, I’ve been in plays and what not in high school, and I’ve taken drama and acting classes, and I’ve done auditions, etc. Plus, I over-emote something FIERCE. What’s a poker face? I have no idea, honestly. I mean, I wore a pregnant belly for a play first year:

You know why I look so thrilled in this picture? Because the stomach was uncomfortable.

You know why I look so thrilled in this picture? Because the stomach was uncomfortable.

I am, if nothing, dedicated to my art.

6) Just . . . Because
I am a die-hard fan, if that’s not painfully obvious. Also, I, like this show, am painfully Canadian. Painfully. Plus, I have lots of free time, being a university student and all (nervous, sarcastic laughter). (NB: UofT, if you’re reading this, I swear I’m actually super busy and completely engrossed with my school work. Scout’s honour.)


So, CBC, Shaftesbury, people of the internet, whatya think? Please, please agree with me, and put me in Murdoch Mysteries.

Preferably not as a corpse.

3 Responses to “Why I Should Be on Murdoch Mysteries”
  1. YvoYeungGirl says:

    You totally should be on Murdoch! You’re a Canadian History Major for goodness sakes! And you go to school at UofT. And you already love the show so much. OK we are so going to make this happen! (at least have you have a guest appearance)

  2. Jenn says:

    I googled “murdoch mysteries auditions” somehow thinking that because I live in Canada, that I am a history nerd to the core and that I acted in a few plays in high school I should therefore, without question, qualify for a role on this show. (And yes, avoiding the role of a corpse was also on my list of priorities. I am almost positive I have some sort of ADHD and could not lie for that long in a compromising position. Although, I admit it would be cool to have the actors poke and prod at me and perhaps empty the contents of my stomach.) I was sitting on the toilet imagining all of the supposed reasons why I qualified – like you, considering the fact that I can pull off a period costume. I tried to remember where the old drama photos of me are: the ones of my hair in a beehive, 1950s spectacles on and granny panties under my dress. I even tried to convince my boyfriend that I do not have a “modern face;” that my young face is somehow more “traditional” (whatever that might mean) and that I would be a perfect late-19th century girl. Then I went into cyberspace and found this, immediately threatened that someone, by three days, had beat me to it yet simultaneously charmed that someone had the same idea as me. Anyway, my point is that you should remember me if you get a role – suggest that your character has a sister. A dark haired, dark-eyed one. Adopted, perhaps? I can be your adopted sister, yes. I don’t live in Toronto but could be there in a couple of hours. I’ll ride a bike there if I have to – you know, to get into the role. I live in a small town and could introduce some olde world charm to the set. Think about it, ok?

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