How to Focus, katherinepedia-style

GAAHHHH. I can’t focus. Again. Maybe it’s the combination of not enough food and too much caffeine, but lately my mind has been wandering something fierce. While some of my favourite sayings [I should really make a post about this] revolve around the idea of being lost, not knowing where you are going, wandering, etc. … Continue reading

OMG: Blue Makeup

Blue eyeliner gets a bad rap, blue eye makeup in general, really. Blame the 80s, blame Madonna, heck, blame the Blue Man Group, but the fact remains that it’s avoided like the plague by hoards of females trying to avoid looking dated, tacky, or like they’ve just been on the wrong side of a fist … Continue reading

How to Write an Essay, katherinepedia-style

Salutations, all. I’ve just stumbled out of an essay, Starbucks, and Canadiana induced haze to find my room a mess, my eating and exercise habits shot, my personal hygiene let go, and my blog woefully left untended. I’m terribly sorry, hazards of being a university student and all. In light of these recent events, as … Continue reading