Things I’m Looking Forward to in the New Year

Ah, the end of yet another year. My second year university, my 20th birthday rapidly approaching: god I feel old. But there are still good things left to look forward to, specifically in 2012. My top ten things to look forward to in 2012 are as follows: 10. Going back to school Haha, yes, let’s … Continue reading

’Twas the night before Christmas, Hipster Version.

’Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the region, The hipsters were downing their beers at the Legion. “I feel kind of lonely,” said Tyler to Steve. “Is this even ironic – alone Christmas Eve?” “Listen to you, man, you sound like a child. Let’s step out and spark up one more Belmont Mild.” … Continue reading

Delicious Cookie Yums, pt 2!

3 days of baking, and I’m still not done! Good lord, tis the season, eh? Those chocolate cookies from Tuesday? Gooonnnnneeee. Like a freight train. Thus, more baking had to ensue. Brielle and I had made dough, but then decided to go to the mall and bake it at a later date, that later date … Continue reading

Tiny Cartoon Tree!

Because some things are just better tiny. Every year, I have my own little tiny Christmas tree to decorate. I’ve been doing this as long as I can remember. Every Christmas, I would get more mini ornaments or a set of mini ornaments to add to me tree. I noticed a few years ago, however, … Continue reading

OMG: Constellation Cardigan

I warned there would be more shopping posts on the horizon. Also from that same highly successful trip across the border, this piece of embroidered and subtly sequined sweater artistry: Bask in it’s adorableness. If I keep this up, I might have a future as the blonde Zooey Deschanel. Yes, those are actual constellations. Can … Continue reading

Some Ponderings . . . About Sleep

Sleep at Sea.   I’m tired of vague notions; They change as often as the tide. Thoughts keep swimming ‘round my head. Some get sucked back out to sea, Others left to dry.   I’m not sure what I’m s’pposed to say Or if what I say is right Does it matter, anyway, if I … Continue reading

Delicious Cookie Yums

I love Martha Stewart. There, I’ve said it. During summer vacation as a small child, my Grandpa and I would site in the living room every weekday morning at 11am and watch her whip up some magical goodies, make something amazingly crafty with just scissors and paper (and glitter!) and envy her New England estate. … Continue reading

OMG: Christmas Sperrys

I cannot profess enough my love for Sperrys. You know, Sperry Top-Siders? Those adorable deck shoes so favoured by boat goers and preppies for generations? I love them. They might have even surpassed Keds on the shoe-love scale. Today, I present to you my latest find from shopping in the US: CHRISTMAS SPERRYS Notice the … Continue reading

Dear Facebook

Facebook, I’m breaking up with you. Facebook. I’m not sure how to say this, honestly. I mean, we’ve been together since high school. You’re probably my longest surviving relationship, besides my parents. And my cat. But things have just gone too far. I only spend my time with you, to the detriment of my studies … Continue reading

O Christmas Tree: Ten trees to celebrate – The Globe and Mail

A bit late for my fellow UofT-goers, but if you happen to be in Toronto in the near future, this could add a little merry and bright to your trip to Hogtown. O Christmas Tree: Ten trees to celebrate – The Globe and Mail. Also, check out MY christmas tree, in Picture of the Day. … Continue reading